ErgoWear EW0506 MAX Premium Midcut


$ 29.02 $ 38.69

The ErgoWear EW0506 MAX Premium Mid cut will give you two things you will love: the first is a sleek, defining fit that provides plenty of support and long lasting comfort; the other is a very modern and sexy design. It is ergonomically designed to hug your body from your waist to halfway down your upper legs in stretchy cotton spandex fabric.
  • Please refer to size chart to ensure you choose the correct size.
  • Composition: 90% Cotton 10% Spandex. Manufactured in cotton spandex fabric, providing support and comfort exactly where needed.
  • 100% ergonomic design. 3-dimensional pouch.
  • Signature 1 1/3 waistband. Logo design and position may vary.
  • Full coverage trunk style.

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